Stilettos and Diapers Reviews: December 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

If You Give a Girl a Sharpie...{Last minute DIY Christmas Gifts!}

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If you give a girl a Sharpie, the first thing she'll do, is craft!

She'll start a list of things she'll want to DIY and realize they can all be made with Sharpies. After a stop at Staples, her list will grow. Especially after seeing that Sharpies now come in metallics.  photo fd116f4a-9bbd-480a-83c9-96f9ecfb494a_zps2cd055fe.jpg
First up: Classmate gifts. A cheap package of styrofoam cups can be transformed into adorable snowmen with 3 different colors. To save from having to add gift tags, her child can write his name on the back. 
 photo cd7fb857-2b57-422e-b498-67167c7a521f_zpsbdba5842.jpg The cups are then filled with festive pencils, a candy cane, holiday fruit snacks and a package of hot cocoa. A ziplock bag with the top sliced off and some ribbon completes the look. Her child will be a huge hit in his class! 
But why stop there? So many Sharpies, so little time! She needs gifts for the teachers, and fast. 
Because it's always more fun to have something that's handmade, let's keep going with the Sharpies! A basic white mug, decorated with a Christmas tree and personalized on the back, is the perfect gift for a Kindergarten teacher.  photo IMG_2703_zps15dd9e80.jpg
Do all the decorating, then place on a cookie sheet in the oven. Turn the oven to 425. When the oven is up to temperature, set the timer for 30 minutes. When the timer is done, turn the oven off, but leave the mugs in until they are completely cool, or else they can crack. This will set the ink, although, it does change the color just a bit. The lime green Sharpie turns into the perfect Christmas tree green after baking! Fill the mug with Starbucks salted caramel cocoa packets and a candy cane before tying it up with a gift card. 

And keep in mind, that if you give a girl a Sharpie, she'll want something for herself, too. This means that her gold holiday manicure will get a face lift, thanks to a black Sharpie and a topcoat. {Just make sure you pull the skin back so the ink is on your nail only, not your skin!}
  photo cd209040-b406-46c6-aa6e-28953b8bf5c7_zps79ce8ae8.jpg

If you're in need of some last minute holiday gifts, these are quick, easy and sure to please! Keep in mind that if you use Sharpies on a glass, keep your design 1" away from the rim and do not eat from areas that have Sharpie designs on them. 

Head over to Staples to stock up on Sharpies. I got the 12 pack of assorted colors for $6 (they're still on sale!) and the metallic packs for $3.49 each! Check out Sharpies Pinterest boards, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more inspiration! 

Dr Sharp Dentistry {GIVEAWAY}

We started our clean eating adventure at the beginning of this year. It started a lot of thought about exactly what we're putting in our bodies. We changed tons of things in our diet and have just more recently, been looking at other areas where we are filling our bodies with unnecessary things. I'm no hardcore, never eat junk kind of person, but if I can change things I use on a daily basis to eliminate even more chemicals, I'm going to do it. 

Dental care is one place where there is a surprising amount of stuff I really don't want in my body and especially my kids. We've been using these Dr. Sharp products for the past few weeks and I am very impressed with them. 
The Dr. Sharp line was founded upon the fluoride-free concept and formulated with natural ingredients. It is also free of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol. I love that I can have 1 tube of toothpaste for my boys that is safe for both of them. The Wild Berry flavor and the monkey goes a long way with getting them excited for teeth brushing as well. 

The Fresh Mint with Green Tea toothpaste taste great and leaves my teeth feeling clean. The line also included a Fresh Mint Alcohol-Free Mouthwash and a Green Tea Mint Dental Floss. All the products are made with natural flavors, Vegan and are not tested on animals. Dr. Sharp takes it a step further and doesn't package in a box, to support a more sustainable environment. 

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the products, just as I was. It's not like giving up ice cream for pureed bananas. It's an easy swap that can help contribute to the health of your family! 

The people at Dr. Sharp Dentistry are giving one reader the same family package I have, with a retail value of $37.50. Use the widget below to enter! 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Easy Fudge Pie {Comfort Food Perfection}

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Kleenex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #KleenexTarget

When the people in my house are sick, my first instinct is to cook. Something to warm them. Something that taste good enough to ease the discomfort. Something to make them smile. 

This school year, we've battled quite a large amount of sickness. After years with only a handful of doctor visits, we've been far more than a handful of times since September. And it's not just the one actually in school who's sick. It's everyone. Coughs, strep throat, sinus infections and the inevitable runny nose. Poor Cooper has seriously had one for 3 straight months. I'm relying on Kleenex to keep his little nose from getting chapped as he keeps trying to "blow one more time". And thanks to Kleenex, he doesn't look like Rudolph from all that blowing. 
 photo file_zps12587cf5.jpg
At least if I'm going to have boxes of Kleenex sitting all over my house, they are these adorably festive packages! Right now at Target, you can use this coupon to save $1 off a multi pack of Kleenex tissues.
 photo 724cd72f-7886-4681-925e-ab9303c81353_zps47d9e17c.jpg It's been really rainy here lately, just to add to all the sniffles, and I wanted to give my little man something to make him smile after school yesterday. I pulled out an old faithful recipe, written on crumpled paper, that has been stained with softened butter splatters. It's been used so many times, I can't even count. Most of those times to bring comfort to my family, or to take to someone who could use a little cheer at their home. 

The start is my no fail crust, which is an easy, 3 ingredient recipe passed on from a family friend. 

That crust is filled with silky chocolate, which is pretty much the cure all for anything, right?  photo file_zpsd234f00c.jpg

 photo file_zpsa36bff03.jpg
And to make this pie go from perfection to comfort food perfection, homemade whip cream and crushed candy canes are added to the top. 
 photo file_zps4d7863bb.jpg
Which makes for one happy, runny nosed little man. 
 photo 3a4e16e9-5559-4735-a2c4-50601fc86034_zpsaaf80425.jpg

Easy Fudge Pie Recipe:


5 1/3 Tbsp Butter, softened
3 oz Cream Cheese, softened
3/4 cup Flour


1 stick Butter
6 Tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa
1 cup Sugar
1/4 c Flour
2 Eggs

Mix crust ingredients with a fork and press into greased pie pan. For the filling, melt butter in a saucepan. Once melted, remove from heat and whisk in remaining ingredients. Pour into crust and bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes. 

Whipped Cream:

3/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
2 Tbsp. Sugar

Whisk ingredients with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Put on pie just before serving. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Serve with crushed candy canes for a festive treat! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Datevitation: The gift of quality time.

Our 8th Anniversary was earlier this week. Still can't believe we've been married that long, or that we've been together over 10 years now. Time really flies. We don't need a single thing in the way of gifts. We're building a house and have spent lots of extra lately on blinds, fans, furniture and the like. But, nonetheless, it still kinda sucks to show up completely empty handed to your Anniversary dinner. 

This year, I gave the hubs this awesome Datevitation love coupon book

The book is completely customizable and full of coupons for things we can do together. So really, it's like giving him my time, in a cute little package. What could be a better gift?

The Datevitation coupon book is so customizable, that you can even add your own faces in! Isn't that so cute?! The hubs loves his gift and is really excited about cashing in his free massage sometime soon! 

The coupons I picked out for our book included a wine and cheese night, a movie-in night and even a little bow chicka wow-wow. There's a little something for everyone. Or a lot of something. There are over 500 date ideas! There are really adventurous ones like skydiving and racing, outdoorsy ones like camping and hiking and super romantic grown up ones. The coupon books are really quick and simple to make online. They are very nice quality books and come in a little 'surprise' sleeve. 

But the love coupon book is not just a gift for your significant other. They've recently added "boy" and "girl" characters with over 200 activities for kids and parents. I love taking my boys out for "mommy dates" so this is a perfect gift for them, too! 
Coupon books normally start at $25. But, as a special gift for y'all, you can use the code STILETTOSANDDIAPERS for $10 off your purchase and free shipping! You can order up to December 13th for Christmas delivery and these would be a perfect stocking stuffer! 

One lucky reader is going to win a Datevitation book for themselves! Use Rafflecopter to enter below! 

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I was given the above coupon book to review. All opinions are my own.