Stilettos and Diapers Reviews: Getting the nursery ready for baby!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting the nursery ready for baby!

 We have 6 weeks left until baby is here! Although I'm already a Mom and I have so much stuff left over from Cooper, I still feel like I have so much to prepare for. My house hasn't been "baby ready" in 3 years. I also have been thinking more about natural diapers and wipes. I used Pampers with Cooper, but realize now how many chemicals they actually put in them. Seventh Generation diapers and wipes are free of chlorine and fragrances. Seems like that should be what I use, right? 

These are the things I know I need to do and only a few have actually been done. Eek!

1. Wash all the baby clothes and blankets in hypoallergenic, natural baby detergent. I don't want anything hurting that sweet skin! 
2. Put all the toys with little pieces into childproof bins. I can't take Cooper's toys away, but I can make it so he has to ask for them. One tip I heard is to give him a paper towel tube. If the toy can fit through it, its too little to be around the baby. 
3. Since we are reusing the crib and changing table, it all needs to be cleaned with natural cleaners that won't leave any dangerous chemical residue. 
4. Get a big brother gift for Cooper and talk to him about the whole process. I want him to be prepared for us to be at the hospital a few days and for brother coming home. 
5. Get the car seat (that meets safety regulations) installed in the car in a spot that is a safe distance from 3 year old fingers. Hehe. 
6. Pack a bag for the hospital. Although I am scheduled to be induced, I need to have a bag ready just in case baby decides to come even earlier! 
7. Make sure I have bottles, passies, natural diaper ointment, baby washes and other must haves on hand. 
8. Stock up on books and movies for the long breastfeeding sessions while sitting in my bed.
9. Make plenty of healthy meals that can be stored in the freezer and easily heated up by the hubs.  
10. Paint the nursery in plenty of time for the fumes to be all cleared out. (Someone please tell the hubs this one!)

That is my list so far. What are your tips for me in the next 6 weeks? Have you tried Seventh Generations products? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I regret not making dinners and freezing them ahead of time and I didn't pack my bag until after my water broke lol.

  2. I like my Seventh Generation cleaning products. I think I prefer the Clorox Green Works smell though. I buy both-depending the sale price and if I have a coupon.

    I'm "switching" over to more organics foods-organic and natural is so expensive, but the health benefits outweigh that gnarly price!

  3. I use the seventh generation diapers and I like them. They're just as good as Huggies but they do run a little smaller than other diapers I've used.

  4. I would think the Seventh Generation Diapers is one of the top choices in the market. Rash free, chlorine free and on top of that -
    environmentally friendly. My baby stop developing rashes ever since I used it. Read more about the Seventh Generation Diapers.