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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Storage Solutions While Moving

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If you asked me right now where I will be living in 2 months, the answer is, I have no idea. That idea is terrifying enough to the average Joe, but a mom?! A mom of 2? I'm constantly making list in my head, on my phone and on paper, that I end up losing. I am terrified to be leaving my house for the next 4 weeks to be on vacation, at my parents and living in hotels in between. We'll be back for a hot minute, only to have our stuff packed for 3 months until our house is ready. Everything that I will need until December 1st needs to be packed up and easily accessible.

Enter Rubbermaid All Access Organizers.

When I was given the opportunity to review these, I was over the moon. Then, when I saw them in person at Home Depot, I was in love. 

How perfect these things are for my next few months of gypsy life! They can be easily moved from my car, into a hotel, my parents, the beach house and anywhere else we may find ourselves.
 photo f7e2b812-e6ce-4d9d-a65c-ffeb13436616_zps3a5437cb.jpg
One thing that is always an issue when we drive anywhere, are my shoes. I have tons, I bring tons on trips and they're always thrown randomly into the car. With this next chunk of travel being for at least 4 weeks, I know there will be an abundance of shoes. I decided the small sized All Access Organizer would be perfect!

There are 8 pairs of shoes in there, with 4 of them being 5" heels, and there's still room for more. I love that I can just open the door and grab the pair I need.

I know we will bring tons of clothes for the next few months, but the idea of living out of suitcases isn't a fun one. With most of the rental properties we've been looking at, there is little to no clothing storage. The large All Access Organizer is exactly the solution I need.

I can open the top of the box, fill it with the clean laundry, then the kids can open the door on the front to pick our their outfit. I can also stack the boxes for each person on top of each other so they hardly take up any space!

After these few months are over, and I don't need all this temporary storage, I plan to use these for seasonal decorations. I change out the decor in my house very regularly. These will be perfect when they're all stacked with my other Rubbermaid totes, because I can quickly and easily open the door and grab that random candle or picture frame. They would also be a fabulous storage solutions for a playroom! Being able to see everything that is inside is such a fantastic feature!

Be sure to check out your local Home Depot for these Rubbermaid All Access Organizers! You can also follow both Home Depot and Rubbermaid on Facebook for all kinds of storage tips!


  1. OOOMMMGGG!!!! Those are AWESOME! I was just at Home Depot on Sunday looking at bins and didn't see these!!!

  2. I saw these at Target the other weekend - ingenious!!

  3. Those look amazing!!! Definitely going to have to look into those when I come back from deployment! Say, how do you get the chance to review products??

  4. LOVE these. I see a target trip in my very near future!