Stilettos and Diapers Reviews: Together Time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Together Time.

I grew up with 2 sisters and was 13 before I had a brother. To say this whole new world of boys has been an adjustment for me, is an understatement. They like to get dirty. They don't care if they eat after touching the toilet. They hate baths. They like creepy crawly things. They fart. It's just totally different from what I grew up in.

I've learned a lot from them both in my 5 1/2 years as a mom. But what doesn't come naturally to me, is activities that are really orientated to them. For some reason, they don't like browsing the Target clearance aisles as much as I do. When we got our TogetherBox in the mail this month, I knew it was a match made in heaven. 

This month, was a Bug Box. A bug "castle", a stuffed worm, a net, a bug grabbing tool and more. The best part was the little book that gives you multiple activities that you can do with the contents of your box. From bug hunting, to bug drawing and even dressing like a bug, the TogetherBox had everything we needed in it for endless hours of family time. 
The boys and I went out in the backyard for a bug hunt. They were so excited to be armed with their tools! Cooper kept an eye out for small bugs on the trees, while Callan stuck to the ground. They gathered leaves and sticks for the bugs home and put them in the "castle".
It was so nice, for me, that they were running around with a mission. They weren't just bolting away from me, they were searching everywhere for a pet bug. 
We saw spiders, ants and lots of other bugs that we took the time to examine, but they really wanted to grab this weird, neon bug we found. It was furry and really cute. Cooper, very proudly put it on his dresser and was so excited to show Daddy when he came home from work. 
I let the boys use the chalk to draw all the different bugs they saw on our hunt. Ever just sit back and watch your kids draw? The way they interpret things is just so fun to see. 

The TogetherBox is a monthly subscription that delivers fun packed boxes right to your door. Each box contains 3-5 unique activities and you'll have everything you need to do them. No searching for anything! Each month is a different surprise theme that is sure to make every child in your family (and you!) happy. 

Want to add some easy to your family time? Try out TogetherBox! Use the code "stilettosanddiapers" for 50% off your first box! What's more than that, is the first 2 people to use the code will get their box free! So hurry over and sign up! 

Make sure to check out TogetherBox on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with all their fun! 

Thank you, TogetherBox, for providing me with the bug box shown in exchange for my honest opinion. We had and continue to have a such fun with it! 

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