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Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation Entertainment and Beyond: LeapPad3

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with LeapFrog and MomSelect. All opinions are my own.

Anyone else have electronic loving kids like I do? They love playing games on our phones and iPads, but it's always scary to me what they can quickly find online that isn't good for them. Before we went on our cruise a couple weeks ago, I got this LeapPad3. I knew we would need some distractions since we would be traveling in the car, eating in a restaurant every meal and waiting in some lines. The LeapPad3 did the trick!
 photo IMG_8188_zps73859391.jpg
First, there are personalized profiles for every child. That means they can both play the same games, but keep track of their own progress and learning within their profile. And my is this nice when you have a 6 and 2 year old. The 6 year old cares about every score and level, where the 2 year old just wants to undo it all.
 photo 407a2d74-4b68-449e-85ca-fafc7a58dbee_zps69f9dce6.jpg
If you have any of the LeapFrog DVD's, you'll recognize some of the learning songs. Our favorite? Punc, punc, punctuation. 
 photo IMG_8196_zps649a915e.jpg
There are several built in apps for music, games and learning. There is also an app store, where you can buy eBooks, videos, games and 800+ educational apps fit for your child's learning level. The parent settings allow you to control what is bought as well as what is seen over wi-fi. Yes, it is wi-fi compatible and only allows age appropriate videos from the web. 
 photo 9cc938a8-dd5d-4500-b4c2-efbb95f0b096_zpse0f6e96b.jpg
One of my favorite features, is the built in camera. You can take photos and video, as well as selfies while relaxing in the Caribbean. 
 photo IMG_8190_zps9c316ed6.jpg
And pictures of your little brother right out of bed. These pictures can then be decorated and edited to make them their own!
 photo IMG_8193_zps6d99443d.jpg
As you can see, the LeapPad3 was very handy on our vacation. I love that it wasn't just entertainment, but that my boys are learning math, reading, writing and more from it!

If you have a little electronic lover, the LeapPad3 is sure to make them and you both happy. With LeapFrog's durability, we were able to carry (and drop) this thing all over our vacation without a problem. The LeapFrog3 5" touchscreen tablet has a retail value of $99 and is available in 3 colors. I would definitely recommend it to those of you with young kids!

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