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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding and the Go-Between

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This post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign. 

September of 2008 had me in Las Vegas for a work trip with the hubs, my 4.5 month old firstborn in tow. I was struggling to get comfortable with breast feeding and opted to leave my manual pedal pump at home and bring along an enormous, rented hospital pump. Needless to say, I wasn't that successful pumping and leaving the bottles with my parents, who came along to babysit during the fancy dinners. I ended up back in their room multiple times, nursing a baby who didn't like his bottle.

Baby #2 was a bit easier and we started with the bottle far earlier. I bought a good pump (y'all don't even try manual!), I felt more comfortable and big bro loved bottle feeding his baby brother. I quickly learned that it wasn't necessarily just how early you started the bottle, it also how the baby liked the bottle itself. Still, it wasn't a frequently used thing, because he much preferred mom to the bottle and I didn't have much reason to need to use a bottle. 

Baby #3 has 2 big brothers that are so very anxious to feed him "special milk" so I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I needed bottles that can easily handle the breast to bottle transition. I'm also a lot busier now than I was with my firstborn. I have school events, baseball games, and a much more active social life than I did with my first. For those times, it will be really nice to have a baby that can take a bottle. Much less for me to be able to wear something out other than a button down shirt, amiright? 

Thankfully, I've found a new bottle that I'm really excited to use for baby #3. The Munchkin LATCH bottle was specifically designed to help you reach your breastfeeding goals. 

As any Lactation Consultant would tell you, proper latch is achieved when the mom's nipple reaches all the way back to baby's soft palate. The one-of-a-kind LATCH nipple moves and stretches, just like the breast, to ensure an easy and proper latch. When the baby is getting the same flow with a bottle as with the breast, they are going to be much happier with the transition between the two. The state 1 nipple is perfectly designed to allow a reduced rate to your newborn, with stage 2 and 3 increasing the flow as your baby grows. 
The LATCH system works, with only a few simple parts, to reduce colic. This means you don't have a million pieces on your drain every night. Finally! Thank goodness!

I'm so lucky that I've been able to successfully breastfeed my babies so far. It's not easy. There's pain and awkwardness to begin with, but I'm so glad that Munchkin is helping us breastfeeding mamas out so much. Being able to pump and not whip it out in the mall or a restaurant is quite lovely and I plan to be doing that much more the third time around!

You can buy Munchkin LATCH bottles from Target, Babies'R'Us, or right from Munchkin, where you can save up to 15%! 

This post is brought to you by Munchkin LATCH as part of the #LoveLatch campaign. All opinions are my own. 

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