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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ridemakerz Xtreme Customz Cars

We got the chance to throw a Batman themed party sponsored by Ridemakerz. Since Cooper was having a Ninja Turtle party, but told me he really wanted a Batman party, too, these were the perfect addition to his Birthday. The people at Ridemakerz sent us the new Xtreme Customz Batman cars for all the boys and I can tell you they all went CRAZY for them.
These faces do not represent their dislike for the toys. Simply their irritation at me for making them take a picture before opening them. Hehe. They had so much fun with their cars. 
These cars are cool. With 4 different ways to adjust the chassis (yes, I just said chassis on my pink covered blog. I'm a boy mom!) and plenty of interchangeable pieces, the possibilities are endless. 
Cooper is loving his new Batman Special Edition car and I'm confident to say his friends are as well! 
These cool new rides are available exclusively at Target and Toy's-R-Us. They also make Spiderman, Ironman, The Joker and other classic car varieties. With the amount of interchangeable pieces, they are sure to provide your little man with endless hours of fun. And your husband, too, because he will get caught up in making the car look "awesome". 

Go check out Ridemakerz and Xtreme Customz to find a car that's perfect for the little man in your life! 

Thank you, MommyParties for providing us with the products shown above. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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