Stilettos and Diapers Reviews: Garth Brooks "Mom" (and win a trip to his concert!)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Garth Brooks "Mom" (and win a trip to his concert!)

I used to get so irritated with my mom when she would say "you'll understand when you're a mom". What teenager wants to hear that? I loved my family and cared about their well being. I didn't understand how the love that I felt and knew, could be different than hers. 

Then I became a mom. 

It's all just different. You're completely responsible for this little life, from the minute it begins growing in you, through forever. You're love is incomparable. Overwhelming. Mind boggling. 

I think part of it comes in their unconditional love for you. They forgive without question and think you're beautiful in your absolute worst state. There's nothing in the whole world you wouldn't do or give for your child. It's just natural. 

There's no greater gift I could be given, than that of being a mom. Garth Brooks new song "Mom" talks about that amazing gift. I'm a huge country music fan, so of course, I love the song. If you're a softie like me, grab a tissue and listen to the clip here

If you want the song, you can now download it from GhostTunes. It's a full-service online music platform offering millions of songs, albums, products and creative bundles from artists across all genres. GhostTunes is actually founded by Garth Brooks, to give fans the freedom to listen to purchased music on the device of their choice, while providing artists with a new way to sell their music any way they dream.

In celebration of Garth Brook’s brand new single, “Mom,” GhostTunes is offering one lucky mom and a guest the opportunity to see Garth in concert, complete with hotel and airfare! For more information and to enter to win the contest here!

Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via MomTrendsThe opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ghost Tunes or MomTrends

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